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About Onitsoga Craft

Onitsoga Craft is a Minecraft server that has been around for a few years. We are finally back from hiatus! Onitsoga Craft is looking to grow with the help of players like you. Our mission is to please and to have a unique gaming experience. We truly want it to be a world you can call home. To do this we implemented features like factions, the marketplace, and hotels. This helps give players the experience of ownership, security and an extensive, interactive community. The website is interactive as well. Stats along with forums allows players to continue to interact with the game, even while not in the world. We are always open to suggestions and trying out new things. Our server focuses on form as well as function when it comes to features and landscape, thanks to our brilliant builders, mods, and all around techies. Keep your eyes out for contests and events. Perhaps in the future we will even have some mini-games up and running. Thank you for your never ending and constant support!


Contribution Page Opened!
In honor of our "unBeta-ing", for a limited time (Between 10/15/15 and 10/31/15) you can take advantage of a coupon code NikIsAButt to save up to $5 on any contribution item of your choice on the contribution page.
Update Log 2
Heeeeey everybody! The Bread is back to throw some information in your face! >:D

Things we've added
  • Hats
  • Trails
  • Map Painting
  • Colored signs
  • Kitty Cannon
  • Colored Names

   So we added hats back into our plugin list. With /hat you place any item that is in your hand currently onto your head. For example a redstone block.

   This plugin in so cool. With /trail (trail name) you can have a fancy particle effect like fire, hearts and lava! Do /trail list to see all of your options.

Map Painting
   We had a similar plugin in the past were you could put pictures on maps to display in your home. Well now you can expand it across your entire wall! Just place as many item frames as you'd like the picture to fill, run the command and boom! Wall sized picture :D

Colored Signs
   Change the color of the sign text with a few simple symbols before your sentences. Click Here to see the codes to type in before your sentence.

Kitty Cannon
   DO YOU WANT TO MAKE KITTENS EXPLODE WITHOUT COMMITTING A FELONY??? We got you fam. Try out /kittycannon and watch the fur fly!

Colored Names
   A few new name colors will be available with the donation teirs such as Yellow, Greed and Red.

   With score board you can now see your stats on the right hand of the screen!

Donation Teirs
   So finally we have the donations set up. In the past we had ranks but this time around we're going with Teirs. We'll have 4 different teirs to choose from, each with it's different fancy perks.
  • Tier I
  • Tier II
  • Tier III
  • Tier IV

      Tier I
  • Yellow Name
  • Kitty Cannon
  • A zombie head
  • Red Name
  • Hats
  • Colored Signs
  • A skeleton skull
      Tier III
  • Green Name
  • Trails
  • Map Painting (Small one frame)
  • A creeper head
  • Scoreboard
      Tier IV
  • Blue Name
  • Priesthood
  • Map Painting (Multiframe wall sized)
  • Colored text
Head over to the Contribution page to check them out!

Interested in being Player of the day? Make a forum account and post some stuff!

Don't forget to check out our Peter Parkour event this weekend! Head over Here to check it out!

On a side note for today's Update log, I just wanted to remind everyone that if you see someone misbehaving and breaking the rules while no staff are around, please take screenshots of them in action! Remember the proof is in the pudding ;)

As always, if you find any issues please inform the staff! AKA the Admins and Mods.
Update Log 1
Hello everyone! This is your local loaf of Bread and I'm here to bring you some updates :D

  • New server
  • Mining World
  • Core Protect
  • Voting Prizes updated
  • Language Rules have been updated
  • Player Profiles
  • World Border

New Server!
   So we recently switched server hosts to fix our horrible lag problems. I'm happy to say it was a glorious success!

Mining World
   We've heard your desperate pleas for help and we've come to the rescue. With /warp mine you too can have access to the mining world. Finally you too can find diamonds! The map will get reset periodically so that everyone can get a chance to get some stuff.

Core Protect
   Admins and mods can now inspect blocks to see a bunch of things that happen on that block like placement, animal death and more! (The plugin only works from the time its installed. We can not go back in time. Sorry.)

Voting Prizes
   Several of our prize options for voting have been changed and all options now give prizes. (I'm looking at you blue scadoo)

Language Rules Update
   We know how frustrating it is to not be able to curse. In the past we were very strict with our cursing and we've realized that it's kind of hard to not curse. So as of today feel free to curse as much as you like! Just remember to be respectful to other players.

Player Profiles
   There's a new feature on the website that lets you look at some of your stats. Click on your face anywhere on the website to bring up your profile or search your name in the player search bar at the top of the page. You'll get a page like this:

World Border
   And last but not least! We expanded the map. Give you guys a little bit more room to breathe in. Enjoy exploring!
As always, if you find any issues please inform the staff! AKA the Admins and Mods.
Sure is dark outside...
The team working hard!
Baby Come Back!

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Its good to be back finally!

Re: Suggestion: Classic "Ranks" for Ohnis?
Oh it is pretty terrific idea, though I'm not the admin of the server :C. But I will try to notify this plan to our admins then they will probably reconsider to change the system a bit.
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